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Forcefield Online Protection

Family-Friendly Online Protection

Give your children access to the wonders of the Internet and apps while protecting them from online dangers. Protect them from pornography, screen time addiction and social media disorders. Turn off apps on demand, supervise web browsing and enjoy the protection of YouTube Restricted Mode and SafeSearch.

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Forcefield Tools & Features

Forcefield encourages collaboration between parents and children when it comes to keeping kids connected and protected online. It's a wonderful solution to keep you in a close, caring and mentoring relationship with your kids while teaching them how to behave well online, and learn how to manage their own screen time effectively.

Forcefield provides these essential tools for Apple® and Android® devices to help you protect your kids online:

Forcefield's App Sleeper lets you remotely turn off apps, games and social networks on all of your kids' mobile devices from your phone, on demand or on a set schedule.

Forcefield's Browsing Controls let you block mature content, as well as lock in YouTube Restricted Mode and Google SafeSearch.

Forcefield's Daily Activity Report shows you all websites your kids visit from all of their devices, at what time of day and for how long.

Forcefield's Curated Library includes hundreds of websites and app reviews that have been exhaustively curated.

Forcefield's App Report provides a real-time connection to what apps are on all of your kids' devices, 24/7.

Forcefield's Family Finder allows you to see the location of your child on a continually updated map. (Family Finder only works on iPhones.)

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